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The store "Bosco Fresh"


Fashionistas and women of fashion who love to visit the Bosco Fresh shopping center, shortly before the start of 2020, had the opportunity to watch videos without stopping from shopping. This was especially relevant during the holidays. Colorful videos attract a large number of target audiences.

Although the project consisted of three pieces of equipment, our staff coped with the installation of four. To do this, they used special equipment for internal work. The team worked under tight deadlines, since for 3 nights it was necessary to install all the screens.

The highlight of the project was the way to install LED equipment. All screens have a radial shape embedded in wooden furniture. A feature of the equipment is remote control via Wi-Fi.


 Parameters of the installed structures

  • Inside the store - 960x2240 mm
  • Left in the window - 1280x2240 mm
  • Right in the window - 1600x2240 mm
  • Pixel pitch - P1.6 mm.

We carry out turnkey installation projects for video screens. Moreover, all the stages of the work are carried out by our employees, which allows us to give a guarantee of high quality.

  • Pixel pitch, mm 1.666
  • Size 320x160
  • Brightness, cd/m2 600
  • Module resolution, px 192x96
  • Screen weight kg 13.00
$ 5 248 per m2
World Food Azerbaijan 2017

05/16/2017 EICHDI specialists have designed and installed a radial screen with dimensions of 9920 x 2880 mm, in pixel pixel P2.5mm, at WorldFood Azerbaijan 2017. The complexity of the project consisted in the manual assembly of 160 x 160 mm modules.

Տեսանյութի ներկայացում.:

Видео 1
  • Pixel pitch, mm 2.5
  • Size 320x160
  • Brightness, cd/m2 4500
  • Module resolution, px 128x64
  • Screen weight kg 16.00
$ 4 263 per m2
Производитель светодиодных экранов