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Dekabristov street 85


In April 2016, we received a request to calculate a small video screen measuring 6x3 m and with a pixel pitch of 10. During the week, the customer simultaneously received permission for an advertising structure, during which it turned out that only the Media Facades (windows) of the size could be hung on the building 6x3.6 m (the lower part of the media façade should not be below the level of the second floor). During the negotiations, it was decided to install the Dicolor Media Facade with P18 increments. Having received permission for the advertising structure, the customer signed a contract with us the day before and paid the advance part for the media facade. In the first days of June, the media facade arrived at one of the transport companies of the city of Kazan. Installation work was only done at night, as pedestrian traffic during the daytime would not allow quiet installation work.

The main task was how to hang a structure weighing almost 500 kg on a wall consisting of gypsum board, insulation and ceramic granite. Engineers and designers of our company have developed a special solution, in which the metal structure takes the main burden.

On the installation of metal left one night. On the second night, media facades were successfully installed and connected, as well as setting up and launching a test video. Our employee for half an hour explained and taught how to use the software. The customer took care of the content in advance, so on the first day of the media facade operation there were already juicy and beautiful videos on it.

Location, size, pricing policy, these factors in the aggregate, allowed the customer to recoup their investments 7 (!) Months after the launch of the project.

Տեսանյութի ներկայացում.:

Видео 1
  • Pixel pitch, mm 16x16
  • Size 1024x1024
  • Brightness, cd/m2 7000
  • Transparency, % 10
  • Module resolution, px 64x64
  • Screen weight kg 25.00
$ 1 424 per m2
World Food Azerbaijan 2017

05/16/2017 EICHDI specialists have designed and installed a radial screen with dimensions of 9920 x 2880 mm, in pixel pixel P2.5mm, at WorldFood Azerbaijan 2017. The complexity of the project consisted in the manual assembly of 160 x 160 mm modules.

Տեսանյութի ներկայացում.:

Видео 1
  • Pixel pitch, mm 2.5
  • Size 320x160
  • Brightness, cd/m2 4500
  • Module resolution, px 128x64
  • Screen weight kg 16.00
$ 4 263 per m2
Производитель светодиодных экранов